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Bonuses from our speakers include:

karen-schachterLike Mother, Like Daughter? How to Transform Your Eating & Body Image Legacy and Pass on True Nourishment to Your Daughter

by Karen Schachter
You are your daughter’s first – and most important – role model. How you feel in your body and how you nourish yourself with food gets passed on – the good, the bad and the ugly! While we want our girls to love their bodies, develop a positive self-image and learn how to eat in healthful (but not obsessive) ways, we are not always embodying these ideals ourselves! Our girls see and know everything, even our unspoken feelings.

This series of 3 audio classes will help you identify your own eating and body image legacy (messages, beliefs, and habits) so you can begin to shift them and instead, practice what you preach.

You will take a look at what you may have learned and absorbed from your own mother, the media, and other sources; learn what your daughter needs to see and hear from you instead; and learn powerful techniques to create a nourishing connection with your daughter – the best possible strategy for supporting a lifetime of self-care, self-nourishment and positive body image.


lorraine-pursellAffirmations for Kids and Parents CD & Book Program

Choose from: Preschool/Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High, or High School. (value $97).

Affirmations for Kids and Parents is an amazing digital CD and book program that guides your child into their responsible, independent and empowered life, free from blame-shifting and excuse-making. As your child listens every day for 30 days, you will notice a marked shift in who they become. I speak to them in an understanding and compassionate voice.

And as YOU listen, you will learn what you can reasonably expect from your child at their developmental level. Listen for 30 days and you will notice that you are a more empowered and confident parent and more likely to follow-through with your child.

Both you and your child deserve a happy and confident life. This program will enhance both of you in being fully responsible and empowered. Enjoy your new lease on LIFE!


jill-hopeEnlightened You, Empowered Child Expert Interview Series, Vol 1.

by Jill Hope (value $97)

Are you looking for experts who have the answers to all of your questions about how to raise children so that they feel a sense of confidence, self-worth, resilience, and peace with who they are? If so, then this audio series is for you! In this program you will gain powerful wisdom along with practical strategies from top experts hand-selected by Jill that will enlighten you in your role as parent, and as a result help you to nurture empowered kids.

Here’s is just a sampling:

  • The one behavior change that the parent (not the teen) must to make to keep the doors to communication open
  • Common mistakes parents make that can hinder the development of resilience in their kids
  • A simple strategy to help your child take action based on her own desires rather than on what she thinks others want her to do
  • The one thing you can do that to keep your kids on track as they start to navigate the pressures and challenges of the teen years
  • A 3-step strategy for effectively tackling conflict between siblings


amy johnsonTender Topics Toolkit

by Amy Johnson (value: $160)

Whether you’re the parent of a toddler, tween, or teen—or if you’re a mom who’s lost her libido in between the laundry and carpooling–this kit is for you!


  • practical tips for handling tender topics like abuse prevention
  • steps you can take to prevent your child from getting cancer
  • how to help your teen through a break-up
  • what you can do to reignite your own sexuality and feel sexy again

All this wisdom for you to handle tender topics from the popular author of the “Sex in the Suburbs” column!


maryann-comarotoHindsight – What You Need to Know Before You Drop Your Drawers!

by Maryanne Comaroto (value $15)

“Witty and wise, this book just might save your life.”

Have you noticed that you have a knack for attracting Mr. /Ms. Wrong (or Not-exactly-Right)?

When it comes to relationships, timing is everything. Knowing what you need to know before you drop your drawers can save you tons of heartache, money and time.

For some of us, finding a man—any man—totally eludes us. While others have become adept at finding a man, he is rarely the right man, and rarely does the relationship last, nor should it. Let’s face it, there isn’t much worse than literally and figuratively “waking up” to the reality that we have been sleeping with disaster. HINDSIGHT: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU DROP YOUR DRAWERS guides the reader through the challenges of dating and mating in the twenty-first century and shares powerful solutions on how to find the RIGHT man, get him, and keep him, so that you are fully equipped to create healthy, sustainable, fulfilling relationships.

mary-goyerFeed Your Fertility in 6 Weeks: Home Study Course

by Mary Goyer. (value $600) Full access to calls 1 & 2.

Join Mary Goyer, MS as she unveils a special sneak peak just for you of a new self-study program for fertile eating and self-nurturing. The “Feed Your Fertility in 6 Weeks: Home Study Course” supports you in the nuts and bolts of a healthy, fertility building nutritional program while ALSO teaching how to deal with the most common blocks to diet changes women experience. It’s a nutritional program like no other.

Call 1 ~ Learn about the good fats, bad fats, hormones, and the link to morning sickness in pregnancy.

Call 2 ~ Learn the many names of sugar, the damage it causes to fertility, and the easy ways to shift cravings before they take you over!


susan-weedSeven Rivers of Healing Self-Study Course

by Susun Weed (Value $225.00)

Have you ever felt amazed and overwhelmed by all the different approaches to healing available to you? Susun Weed’s Seven Rivers of Healing provides a clear path through the maze of health care choices. The Seven Rivers of Healing 46 week self-study email course provides the information you need to find deep healing by returning home, returning to the source. Each week you receive an email, study at your own pace. Private group space.

downthereDown There, Sexual and Reproductive Health the Wise Woman Way

by Susun Weed. 50% discount (value $14.98)

What would your private parts say if they could speak? The pelvic floor, bladder, prostate, cervix, clitoris, uterus, ovaries, and lots of other pelvic parts have their say in Susun Weed’s new book Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health the Wise Woman Way.

Susun Weed, the voice of the Wise Woman Tradition, has spent the last twenty-five years listening to what’s between our legs. Her new book gives voices to all those parts, describes them in health, and offers alternative, complementary, integrative, homeopathic, and allopathic remedies for their distresses. Whether your “down there” gives you pleasure or pain, Ms. Weed’s simple, successful, strategies optimize health.

“Filled with beauty, truth, wisdom and healing.” Christiane Northrup, MD, author


jill-cliftonThe Sacred Path of Self Definition through Transition

by Jill Clifton

Puberty and perimenopause are transitions that are not only physical, but emotional and mental.  They are moments of great upheaval that contain the opportunity for real transformation.  They are defining moments… when a girl begins to define herself as a woman… and when a woman begins to define herself not by who she cares for but who she is at heart.  These can be tender and tumultuous moments at both ages, and it is through clarity and self-awareness that the powerful and conscious metamorphosis occurs.  Jill Clifton will share how our bodies can actually guide us through this process, providing the road map that leads us to empowerment and confidence through puberty and perimenopause.







claire-sierraDiscover ways to reconnect to your juicy creativity and divine, radiant aliveness of Feminine Soul. Join Claire Sierra, M.A., author of The Magdalene Path, in her 4-part Audio Training and Virtual Retreat series, created to celebrate the release of her new book. Learn tools and perspectives to feel reconnected and rejuvenated, from The Magdalene Path, and shift from blah to bliss.

On this 4 class MP3 Audio Course and Virtual Retreat, you’ll discover and explore:

  • Key mindset shifts out of the exhausting overdrive of modern life—that awakens waves of Ease, Grace and Flow from your Divine Feminine center.
  • Wisdom from Mary Magdalene about Feminine Soul and what that means for women’s lives today.
  • How our masculinized culture serves us, when it doesn’t, and what to do about it.
  • Skills and tools to reconnect with your unique Feminine Essence day-to day—that you can do in 10 minutes or less.
  • Simple fun creativity practices that reconnect and empower you.
  • Why your feminine intuition is not enough…and how to tap your inner guidance system, so that you can trust your intuition and have clarity about decisions & direction for your life.
  • How to rejuvenate and revitalize your Feminine Soul without caffeine and sugar.
  • Ways to connect with a deeper power inside you that can change your life.
  • How to create a monumental shift in your everyday life, and continue on the path to your reclaimed Feminine Soul.

Regularly Price at $97, this 4 session audio training, a companion series to The Magdalene Path book, is FREE as part of Raising Empowered Daughters Upgrade Package.

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