Top Ten Video Games to Avoid

Does your child like to play video games? It seems like these days most kids do, but have you thought about the messages these games are sending your kids? I spoke to one father recently about gaming. His 11-year-old son was playing games designed for younger children, so he introduced an “age appropriate” game that included killing zombies. It wasn’t long before he noticed changes in his son’s behavior. His first impulse was to take the game away but as I’m sure you know, it can be very difficult to take back something once it has been given.

So how do you avoid finding yourself in this situation? Check out my blog for a list of the top 10 games to avoid along with a list of 5 safer choices to help guide you.

1. Grand Theft Auto

  • Glorifies crime and violence by having players steal, sell drugs, and murder
  • Women are portrayed almost entirely as prostitutes that you can have sex with and murder

2. Mortal Kombat

  • Extremely graphic and bloody violence
  • Characters are depicted as taking pleasure in the violence

3. Dead or Alive

  • Female characters are dressed suggestively and used as sexual innuendo
  • Players can zoom in on characters to take pictures of the under-dressed women

4. Call of Duty

  • Violence and frequent use of cuss words

5. Fallout

  • Graphic violence
  • Corpses can be mutilated post-mortem
  • Violence in slow motion

6. Dead Rising 2

  • Graphic violence including many ways in which the player can kill zombies
  • Playboy posters are displayed in the game
  • Main character can become so intoxicated that he vomits

7. Dead Space

  • Graphic and disturbing gore and violence
  • Extreme foul language

8. Resident Evil

  • Contains Scantily-clad female characters and posters
  • Graphic violence, gore, and dismemberment

9. Hitman

  • Violence
  • Main character can expose underwear and nudity of female characters
  • Discussion and use of cocaine and narcotics

10.The Witcher

  • Female characters are portrayed as helpless and pitiful
  • As repayment for the main male character’s help, female characters offer him sex as they say it is the only thing they have to offer
  • Negative and sexist portrayals of women

5 Safer Game Choices

1.  LEGO Games

2.  Overwatch

  • Rated T for Teen
  • Non-graphic violence and characters work together on teams
  • Equal male and female characters and distinct lack of sexism

3.  Super Mario Bros

  • Rated E for everyone
  • Includes a variety of games including racing, Olympics, SmashBros, and many more
  • Non-graphic and non-violent
  • Cute and fun for all ages

4.  Minecraft

  • Rated E for everyone 10 and up
  • Infinite possibilities for everyone to build their own worlds
  • Encourages thinking and organization

5.  Pokemon

  • Rated E for Everyone
  • Pet, feed, and play with different Pokemon
  • Train and battle other Pokemon (non-graphic)

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