HPV Awareness and Talking to Kids about Sex Interview on Single Mother Survival Guide Podcast



In this episode of the Single Mother Survival Guide Podcast, Julia chats to holistic health practitioner Robin LaCross.

Robin and Julia discuss how to talk to kids about sex, the right terminology to use with children, how to answer the where did I come from? question and any other sex related questions, talking to our kids about menstruation, what HPV is, the cervical cancer vaccine, how to protect yourself from HPV, having safe sex with HPV, natural birth control methods and much more.

Robin specializes in women’s reproductive health. She is on a mission to reduce unintended pregnancies and the spread of STDs in the world by changing the way mothers talk to their children about growing up, sex and staying safe. She is also the founder of The HPV Education Project to raise awareness about the virus, new advances in HPV testing and holistic methods of promoting cervical health.

Links mentioned in the episode:

The HPV Education Project



Email Robin at holisticsexed@gmail.com or connect with her on Twitter, or Facebook here and here.

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