Raising Empowered Daughters Summit 2014

25 leading experts in the fields of psychology, parenting, relationships,

women’s empowerment, sexual health & education and wise women’s

traditions share tips for raising an empowered daughter


Moms, ask yourself these critical questions about your pre-teen or teenage daughter:

  • What is the best age to talk to my daughter about her menstrual periods and bodily changes that she’ll be going through?
  • What can I do to protect her from mixed messages she may be getting about her sexuality, body image, and her role as a woman?
  • Am I making a grave mistake by assuming she is “smart enough” to know how to NOT get pregnant?
  • Is there anything I can do to keep her safe when she is twerking, sexting and going to Rainbow Parties behind my back?
  • If I suspect she has been sexually abused and she denies it when questioned, how do I get her to talk about it so I can help?

I know these are hard questions.mom and daughter

As a deeply concerned, conscious mom, you want your daughter to be informed so she can avoid making choices she may later regret, simply because she didn’t know any better.

You want to do more than just hand her a book and say “Let me know if you have questions.”

I know you want better for your daughter. You want her to be able to make healthy choices and not have to rely on her friends, classes at school, books or the internet. Most of all, you want her to be safe and protected.

Ever wish you had a road map to guide you through the tangled web of teenage sexuality?

What’s a mother to do?

The good news is, you don’t have to figure this out on your own, spending months, even years, reading parenting “how to” books. Instead…

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In this first-of-its-kind event, we will be featuring 25 leading experts in the fields of psychology, parenting, relationships, women’s empowerment, sexual health & education and wise women’s traditions.

Meet our brilliant speakers:

Amy Johnson Caroline Muir Emily Rosen Jill Hope Terri Apter
Jill Cliffton Margaret Paul Joanne Cohen Lorraine Pursell Maryanne Comaroto
Star Monroe Susun Weed Karen Schachter Georgette Star Mary Goyer
Laura Haykel Devaa Haley Mitchell Sandra Bevacqua Jennifer Diepstraten Julie Brooks
Jacquette Timmons Claire Sierra Marion Elliot Rachel Fiske Robin LaCross
Wendy Silvers Esther Francis


They will be sharing their wisdom about how you can:

  • Have the topic of sex be part of natural conversation in your home so your daughter feels comfortable coming to you with questions
  • Guide your daughter to have a healthy body image no matter what the media and culture dictates
  • Celebrate menarche (her first period) with your daughter as a rite of passage from girlhood to womanhood.
  • Share with your daughter how to attract a loving partner who respects and honors her.
  • Help your daughter understand that sexually transmitted diseases are serious and how to prevent getting exposed
  • Help your daughter understand what safe sex is and how to tell a boy that he must use a condom.
  • Teach your daughter exactly what to do and say if she meets with potential sexual abuse or unsafe dating situations.
  • Respond rather than react when your daughter is trying to push your buttons or manipulate you to get her way.
  • Teach her that the violence and sexual degradation toward women in media is NOT the way boys should be treating girls.
  • Model healthy awareness about body image and sexuality so your daughter will learn from your example.

Studies show that when teenage girls are given the truth about their bodies, sexuality, fertility and how to have healthy relationships they are MORE likely to delay sexual activity until they are older.


Get these free gifts just for when you sign up: (these were available when the summit was live – they may not be available now. I don’t have any control over other speaker’s offerings.)

  • The Conscious Mindset for Modern Moms: 6 Strategies for Creating Self-Empowerment and a Successful Mindset. by Jill Hope
  • 10 Questions Dating Teens Should Ask Before Getting Serious. by Robin LaCross, HHP
  • Dear God, How Can I Heal so That I May Love? by Dr. Margaret Paul
  • Stop Yelling at Your Kids. eBook (value $20) Lorraine Pursell
  • Mind Body Nutrition Breakthrough Audio Class. By Mark David and Emily Rosen. Institute of the Psychology of Eating.
  • 3 Ways to Tap Into Your Innate Feminine Wisdom and Balance your Hormones ~ Right NOW! by Joanne Cohen
  • Tantric Pleasure Secrets: How to Activate your Feminine Sexual Power. by Caroline Muir
  • 10 Red Hot Confidence Secrets Every Woman Needs to Know. by Goddess Star Monroe
  • Moonlodge – MP3 download (value $14.95) by Susun Weed
  • Nourishing Herbal Infusions – online course (value $150) by Susun Weed
  • 50 ways to Teach Your Daughter to Love and Nourish Her Body by Karen Schachter
  • Thrive – 7 Essential Truths that Reveal your Sacred Self by Maryanne Comaroto
  • The Financial Wheel (mp3) by Jacquette Timmons
  • Body Wisdom Healing Circle (monthly calls) by Jill Clifton
  • Feminine Archetypes – 4 Models for Brilliant Daily Living by Marion Elliot
  • Your Essential Guide to Sex and New Relationships by Robin LaCross
  • Get Up! (mp3 song) by Laura Haykel
  • Embodying Divine Essence by Claire Sierra
  • 5 Pathways to Cultivating a Compassionate Heart (of the Mother) by Wendy Silvers

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Mother and daughter


“….Only 4% of girls say their beliefs about sex are mostly influenced by their mothers. This is our chance to change that statistic.”

~ Dr. Laura Berman


“When I met Robin I wanted to know how to tell my daughters the difference between sex and love and how to take care of themselves in sexual situations.

Robin was so easy to work with and an absolute fountain of wisdom. Helping my daughters become empowered is the most precious gift! I look forward to working with Robin as my girls grow into young adults. I highly recommend her to any mom who is ready to break the cycle of the awkward “talk”.

~ Jill

“Raising a teenage daughter in these times has been really challenging. Throw in trying to talk about her sexuality of all things! It’s a landmine! And the stakes are so high…if I don’t talk to her in a way she can hear, I’m scared some really bad things could happen. I now have the tools to do it right. AND, my daughter has a trusted resource – me! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Now, she’s a lot more confident when it comes to the subject of boys. This is HUGE! Robin, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

~ Julie

Girls need this information while growing up so they can make healthy choices that will shape their life’s path.

About Your Guide and Host:

Hi, my name is Robin LaCross. I’m excited to be diving in and exploring with you ways to empower your daughter to make healthy choices around her body, fertility, sex, and sexuality.

What I’ve realized in the 20+ years I’ve been working in the field of women’s reproductive health is it’s crucial that girls get accurate information while growing up. Then they can get in front of the behaviors that put them at risk… before they make decisions they may later regret.

In spite of getting sex education classes in school and “the talk” from my Mom, I wasn’t prepared for the things life had in store for me. I felt lost and overcome by an insatiable need to know, thus I began my quest to learn about my body, my menstrual cycle and non-hormonal birth control methods.

Let me tell you, what I learned BLEW MY MIND!! It changed my life!

My mission has become to empower moms to be sure their girls are given the truth about their bodies, cycles, fertility, sex and sexuality so they are empowered to make conscious choices for themselves.

Questions? Email me at support (at) fertilitydeva (dot) com