2018 Raising Empowered Kids Interview Series – You’re In!

You’re in! You’ve made the bold decision to RAISE EMPOWERED KIDS!

I’m so excited that you will be joining us for this groundbreaking and important series.

We are taking back our power as parents so we can hand it to our children as they navigate an unpredictable world!

And the best part is it is 100% free!

But let’s be honest- as a parent you’re ALREADY busy!

I know how easy it is to sign up for things and then forget all about them!

And this is too important for you to miss.

Because we want you to have all this information and be able to access it whenever and wherever you want for as long as you want, we’ve created an All-Access VIP Pass.

This pass gives you LIFETIME access to every single session!


Learn, Absorb, and Integrate At Your Own Pace And On Your Own Schedule!

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The Lifetime, All-Access VIP Pass allows you to learn when it’s convenient for YOU.

You can relax, knowing all of the vitally important sessions created for your kids will be waiting for you in the VIP Vault.

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When you purchase your VIP pass, you will receive these additional bonuses from our experts…

  • Master Your Cycle: Unlock The Mysteries Of The Female Cycle – Robin LaCross (Value $297)
  • Instant Miracle Abundance Program – Christian Mickelsen (Value $497)
  • Personal Power Life Skills eBook – Dr. Rosina McAlpine
  • Wealth To Freedom Formula – Module 1 – Katherine Dean (Value $1400)

Let’s be honest- parenting is a life-long job and with every new milestone comes a new set of challenges and opportunities to manage.

Your lifetime access guarantees you’ll have continued support for every twist, turn, question and unpredictable change!

Remember, the panel of speakers we’ve gathered are the top parenting and empowerment experts in the world. They are sharing everything they have to help your children thrive and stay safe and happy!

And of course downloading all of this wisdom will allow you to revisit each session at each milestone!

Download the audio and video of All 21 interviews and get your Extra VIP Bonuses during our event special for just $97 (regular price $197)

More About the Upgrade Bonuses….

Master Your Cycle: Unlock the Mysteries of the Female Cycle (Value $297)

By Robin LaCross

  • Find a deeper understanding of your body and cycle leads to better sex, reduced risk of unintended pregnancy and increased ability to stay present during lovemaking
  • Discover all of the things I wished my mother had known so that she could teach me… now you’ll know!
  • Learn how your hormones fluctuate each month and how you can use that information to your advantage.
  • Find out how you can live in harmony with your fertility instead of trying to suppress and control it or resigning yourself to whatever happens
  • Get a glimpse of anatomy and physiology like you won’t get in biology class! Discover all that you’ve been missing and if you have a daughter, share this with her, she needs to know.

The Wealth To Freedom Formula: Module 1 (Value $1400)

By Katherine Dean

Discover Your Wealth Building Blueprint · The key to financial breakthroughs is first discover what is holding you back from financial empowerment.

  • You’ll remove any fears or doubts around with money, and your ability to create wealth.
  • Break free of any limiting beliefs that compromise or slow down your path to financial freedom.
  • Claim a new money mindset so you can have power & confidence with $$$.
  • Reveal your true financial archetype and cultivating a new, wealth-building mindset.

Personal Power eBook

By Rosina McAlpine

Healthy self-esteem and a positive attitude allow children to feel good about who they are and to believe in themselves. Children with healthy self-esteem are more likely to try new things and pick themselves up and bounce back after a challenging life experience.

We know that life can challenge our children in so many ways, lost friendships, changes in family circumstances, illness, financial challenges and so much more. Having personal power and resilience are valuable personal attributes for your children to have throughout their school years and beyond

Instant Miracle Abundance Program (Value $2000)

by Christian Mickelsen

Fill Your Life Now With Massive Abundance Of Wealth, Love, Health, Success & Happiness With These New Cutting Edge Tools…

Module 1
The Instant Success Formula
If you want to attract abundance in all areas of life, here are the key concepts & insights for creating success. In this session, you’ll discover the “3 Squeezes” and the myriad of ways we sabotage ourselves, and how to transcend them. The biggest shifts that create the most success can happen in a moment – the moment you make the decision to live from your Highest Self & Infinite potential, and work through your inner-game ‘stuff’ using this formula.

Module 2
Miraculous Health
What if you could be free from aches & pains and didn’t have to ‘tolerate’ physical discomforts any more? The most shocking thing about our Personal Breakthrough Techniques is the amazing affect they’ve had on people’s health. From fibromyalgia to life-long migraine cures to improved sight & hearing, the unexpected results are astonishing. You’ll see people heal on-the-spot through the power of their own minds & our energy healing techniques.

Module 3
Infinite Love
You are loved. Deeply loved. When you discover how to access the infinite source of love within you, it transforms all your relationships. In this session, you’ll heal from past heart-breaks, open your heart to love, light & understanding and develop the courage to love bravely again. If you’re already in a loving relationship, you can expect that sacred bond to deepen & strengthen.

Module 4
More Money Miracles
Money is the most misunderstood substance in the world. When understood & embraced for what it is, it can be a tool to create the life of your dreams… When misunderstood it seems like the source of major conflict, scarcity & poverty. This session shows you how to think about & focus on money in a way that makes you manifest a total abundance of it.

Module 5
The Secrets Of Happiness
Ultimately everything we do is for happiness. But you don’t need to have a perfect life to be happy. You need to be happy to manifest your most perfect life. This session goes deep into the specific techniques you’ll use instantly… And keep using for the rest of your life, to let go of all the inner blocks to happiness & contentment.

Module 6
Time Freedom Formula
Time is even more valuable than money. You can make money back, but you never get your time back. The main reason we’re often left stressed, overwhelmed, rushed & hurried is that we have a dysfunctional relationship with time & the present moment. This session will create a complete shift in the way you relate to time.