Podcast Interview on Lighting Myself On Fire with Melissa Hedges

It’s our 21st episode and we’re finally legal!! To celebrate we talk about literally our favorite subject: women’s health. Our guest this episode specializes in holistic health, fertility awareness, and holistic sex ed so we ask those awkward, curious questions that we were too afraid to in seventh grade health class.


Meet ROBIN LACROSS, our holistic guide into sex, hormones, and vaginas, and listen as she teaches us all about…

  • listening to our bodies, what exactly is our “monthly cycle”
  • what the heck is HPV and how do we test for it,
  • how to approach these subjects with our parents/kids in a healthy, mature way.



LEARN MORE FROM ROBIN: Website: www.fertilitydeva.com & www.raisingempowereddaughters.com

Learn about HPV: https://hpvedu.com/ Free Webinar: http://cervixhealth.com/webinar-registration

GIVE ROBIN SOME LOVE: Facebook Pages: facebook.com/cervicalhealth/ & facebook.com/RaisingEmpoweredDaughters/

Facebook Group for Moms Raising Empowered Daughters: facebook.com/groups/raisingempowereddaughters/

Twitter: twitter.com/FertilityDeva & https://twitter.com/HPVeduProject

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