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Have you been putting off having “the Talk” with your daughter?

Did you know sheltering her from this information actually puts her at risk…

Hi there,

If you’re the mother of a daughter between the ages of 8 and 16, I’m really glad you found me!

I’d like to talk to you about sex and keeping your daughter safe.

We live in a world where:

  • One in three girls is sexually abused, most often by someone YOU know and trust
  • The average age to be sexually abused is nine years old
  • One in five women have been raped or have experienced an attempted rape, frequently before graduating college
  • One in five victims of sexual assault believe they were drugged prior to the attack; half were drugged by someone they knew


These statistics are really scary and if you’ve experienced any of these things, you know firsthand how it changes you.


So if you’re thinking eight years old is a little young to start having conversations about her body, the changes she will go through and the things she needs to beware of….I would ask you to reconsider.

Neglecting this aspect of her education makes her vulnerable to those who would take advantage of her innocence.

It’s never too early to begin educating your daughter when you consider one third of all sexual abuse victims are under the age of six.


I can show you how to open the door to these conversations so that you can protect your daughter from those who would cause her harm.


Let’s have an honest conversation about what you can do to help keep her stay safe as she blossoms into womanhood.

Think how amazing it would be to:

  • Give her the tools and skills to avoid dangerous situations and keep herself safe
  • Create an environment of trust where your daughter can bring you ANY problem
  • Feel comfortable answering any question about sex
  • Have new ways to engage her in these important conversations
  • Feel confident that you have given her the tools to make smart choices regarding her sexuality and sex
  • Help her understand the difference between sex and love so that she can avoid making choices she might later regret
  • Convey the dangers of sex without a condom and give her the communication skills to insist on its use
  • Empower her to chose her method of contraception so that she can take responsibility for her reproductive choices
  • Be her primary source of information about sexuality from the start so that she’ll feel more comfortable coming to you in a crisis


parent-talking-to-teenImagine gliding through her teenage years as an ally rather than an adversary.

Imagine creating an environment where she feels comfortable talking to you about anything, even the stuff most girls hide from their mothers

Imagine sleeping peacefully at night when she’s out with her boyfriend because she picked a nice guy, who you actually like because he treats you both with respect.


All this and more is possible when you give your daughter the knowledge, tools and skills to protect herself.

Research has shown that if your daughter receives a comprehensive sexual education from you; she is more likely to go to college, earn a higher wage, delay sexual activity, use protection consistently, plan ahead to start a family and achieve the goals she’s set for her life.

portrait of mother with teenage daughterIf you’re like most moms, your goal is to raise a happy, healthy, empowered daughter who can go out into the world and become a thriving member of society, but you also understand this doesn’t just magically happen on its own.


It takes a conscious effort to create this. If you’d like some additional inspiration, I invite you to listen to these three recordings:

  • Rachel Fiske talks about how she created the type of relationship with her daughter where they can talk about anything, including sex and what her teenage friends are up to at parties and online.
  • Dr. Terri Apter talks about the dynamics of mother daughter relationships. I think you’ll really enjoy this one and have some really powerful ah-ha moments about the ways you are your daughter interact.
  • And my interview on holistic sex education, non-hormonal methods of contraception for teens and a crash course in what you need to know about the most insidious of the sexually transmitted viruses.