Free Life Changing Web-Class

Natural Ways to Avoid Pregnancy

Without Giving Up Sex or Relying on Birth Control!

  January 19th at 6 pm Pacific (9 pm Eastern)


In this powerful web-class, I’ll reveal one of the best kept secrets hidden from most modern women where you will discover….


Your Host:
Robin LaCross

  • How to identify when you are fertile so that you know when it’s safe to engage in spontaneous birth control free sex without fear of pregnancy
  • Have more appealing options when it comes to preventing pregnancy
  • The perfect solution if you’re fed up with side effects from hormonal birth control, sick of condoms or worried about using withdrawal
  • Discover how you can live in harmony with your fertility instead of trying to suppress and control it or resigning yourself to whatever happens
  • How to share this information with your daughter when she’s old enough. This knowledge belongs in your family tree, passed from mother to daughter


One of the biggest benefits is the ability to have more connected sexual experiences with your partner. You’re no longer dampening the mood just to go and grab protection, you’re no longer affected by low libido or depression due to hormones, and you’re not depending on the 50/50 chances of withdrawal.

Your life is about to change as you discover effective, natural alternatives that can set you free.