How Reproductive and Financial Empowerment are Connected

I’ve been reflecting how reproductive empowerment and financial empowerment go hand and hand.


I had a great conversation recently with a mother of a 13 year old boy who had confided in her that he didn’t think he wanted to have children.


What great opportunity for mom to have the “how-to avoid pregnancy” types of conversations with him so that he can make choices that will keep him child-free until he decides differently.


For a parent who wants their child to succeed, to do better, to go further in life…. teaching them how to avoid conception until they are ready to start a family is perhaps the greatest gift of all.


The #1 reason for girls dropping out of school is pregnancy. Studies have shown that young women under the age of 24 who have children are less likely to finish college and take on average, an additional 20 years to obtain their degree. Those who do eventually complete college usually obtain their degrees from community college and will compete with younger graduates from the universities for the same job opportunities. The end result is reduced overall lifetime earning potential.


Here’s a really great article that details this further, if you have the time I highly recommend it. The impact of unintended pregnancy on young women (and men) is really quite profound and far reaching.

That’s why this reproductive education piece is so important. If young women are taught to understand their body and cycle so that they can enjoy their sexuality without accidentally becoming pregnant before they are ready to settle down and start a family it’s a huge advantage.


I look at it this way; if not getting pregnant is REALLY important to someone, then not only can they use contraception but if they know that they are ovulating RIGHT NOW, they can choose other forms of pleasure that don’t involve penetration.


By giving young adults knowledge on how to successfully manage their fertility you can empower them to make choices that are in alignment with what they want for themselves.


Knowing what you want is really important….


Surprisingly, knowing what you want is another BIG piece that people sometimes don’t give a lot of thought or consideration. Especially when thinking about what they want over the long term.


Kids who have plans for the future are more likely to succeed and less likely to make choices that will damage those prospects.


As a role model for the young people in your circle, you can demonstrate how to make decisions based on what’s important to you and show them how to accomplish goals by achieving your own.


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