Georgette Star

Georgette Star MA, D.Min

Learn about creating a solid foundation for your daughter during this vital and transformative time in her life. Discover why celebrating a girl’s first bleed is key in a happier life for your daughter and helping to create a better world. Georgette Star MA, D.Min, is dedicated to educating and inspiring women to live a conscious, soulful life. She’ll share with you how you can help your daughter discover what lights her up, to help her “follow her bliss” and make her dreams come true.

Georgette is the founder of the Life Blessing Institute, a learning community dedicated to educating and inspiring wise women, men, parents and youth to live conscious and soulful lives. She is curriculum designer and trainer for a variety of educational programs including ‘Maiden Spirit’ and ‘Peace Warrior’ youth empowerment and rites-of-passage programs. Her newest offering, BEAUTIFUL YOU: FROM GIRL TO WOMAN, is a virtual teachers training for women who desire to empower mothers with daughters on their miraculous journey of change.