How I freed myself from hormonal birth control forever!

In previous post I mentioned how getting off of hormonal birth control changed my life. Now, let me tell you how I got to the place where I no longer need birth control pills and haven’t needed them in the … Continue reading

The Truth about Birth Control Series – Part 6: Sterilization – The Conscious Choice To End Fertility

Sterilization – The Conscious Choice To End Fertility   To finish up our series on modern contraceptive options, I want to talk about sterilization, since it is one of the most widely used options among mature women who have had … Continue reading

The Truth About Birth Control Series: Part 3: Seriously? She got Arrested Over a Diaphragm???

Seriously? She Got Arrested Over a Diaphragm???   The diaphragm has actually been around for a really long time. In the 1940’s they were prescribed regularly for contraception and was the best woman controlled option available. Advertisements touted them as … Continue reading